The Singer 

From Shaun's  teen years he has also looked to music from dancing in front of the tv and singing at the top of his lungs he was always going to entertain and entertain he did,  the few singing comps & Karaoke bars  was  just not cutting it.  into his mid 20's he dabbled in many bands from Rock, country,. he had a go at pop and rap but ran far away from that. It was Hard ROCK and metal that was calling his name . 

Eventually, he landed in a little beachside town on the east coast of Australia, a few years went by got married & made his mark  in the community.  He found this Rock band called  Origin of Janken. within 15mins of jamming out with this band they all knew that there was music to be made  and Shaun became the frontman.

over 9 yrs of ups and down big gigs little gigs even a TV appearance as the 1st ever Metal band to ever play on AGT.  eventually after many member swaps due to lifestyle changes and life  the band decided to  go  their separate ways.