Shaun Anthony Robinson 

Shaun Anthony Robinson's transition from the spotlight of a rock band to the dynamic world of film and television exemplifies a remarkable journey fueled by unwavering determination and adaptability. Currently based in Los Angeles, he is deeply committed to pursuing his dual passions of acting and directing.
His career trajectory began with modest speaking roles in esteemed Australian television productions such as "Hyde & Seek" and "Blue Murder." Through persistence and talent, Shaun progressively secured guest appearances in renowned series like "The Secret Daughter," "Frayed," and "Home and Away." Venturing further, he demonstrated his versatility in independent feature films, contributing memorable performances to projects like "The System," "Event Zero," "Dumb Criminals," "FPVH," and "Malibu Crush." Additionally, Shaun's presence in television commercials further solidified his standing within the industry.
Despite geographical and personal challenges, including separation from his family in Australia, Shaun's dedication to his craft has remained resolute. Central to his motivation is the aspiration to ensure his family benefits from his professional pursuits. This sentiment underscores his unwavering commitment to providing them with a prosperous future.
A testament to his creative vision and perseverance is his six-year labor of love, "Surviving Sunset: An Actor's Hollywood Journey." As both producer and director of this self-funded documentary, Shaun offers audiences a poignant exploration of the entertainment industry's intricacies. The film's acclaim and multiple awards garnered during its festival run stand as a testament to Shaun's storytelling prowess and firsthand industry insights.
Now embarking on the distribution phase for "Surviving Sunset," Shaun continues to embody the resilience and determination requisite for success in Hollywood. With an unyielding dedication to his craft and undeniable talent, Shaun Anthony Robinson is poised to make an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment.