"SURVIVING SUNSET is a film for anyone with a dream." "It's a Documentary about my Journey as an underdog actor." "Fighting against the odds, overcoming my own fears, and creating my own path towards the Hollywood dream." "Along the way I meet other actors who share their own fears and insecurities." "Helping me to understand my own journey as an actor, so I can inspire others to do the same." Director -Shaun A Robinson


Creator/ Producer /Director /Writer

Shaun Anthony Robinson has always been a performer from a young age. bands , singing therater,Acting , even voice over work

But as he has progress in his career he has also found a passion for film making.

Having no clue on use a camera or what sort to use for that matter in 2017 he made the purchase and picked up his fist one. Shaun put himself to the test and took it upon himself to start making a film , Not knowing what would come of it he stated.

if you say your going to do something you have to honour your word and do what you say

That in mind

his journey begun

Jason Hodge

Editing chief/ Co- producer

Director - Darkside Creative.

Film Editor, Music Producer, Musician & DJ.. Jason is located in his production Studio in Australia and specialises in sound design and film editing. A multi instrumentalist, Since 2012 his alter ego Jay Kaos has been producing music for artists all over the world for radio, film and TV programs such as Australia’s Got Talent.

Jason has played in multiple bands; been a DJ on the stage of clubs and festivals worldwide and has created bespoke sound for short films.

Investing in his own professional studio in 2020, Jay is now the owner of Darkside Creative!

From this studio space Jason has Been co-produced and edited the documentary Surviving Sunset and is composing music for Le Cirque Artists Live and 3 upcoming theatre productions with his business partner Sal.


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Shaun chooses to ware Ace Sunglasses
Headshots credited to Bree Bain photography